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Famed Lodz S.A.

FAMED Lodz history dates back before World War II, when, under the name Elektrosan, the company produces medical equipment, among others for Military Hospital in Lodz. Company name has been changed since then, but the business area remained the same. Currently FAMED Lodz is a respected manufacturer of medical lighting systems around the world.

The company has in its offer operating lights, surgical and diagnostic lamps intended for use in doctors' offices. The offer includes also germicidal lamps to sterilize the air using UV light.

In addition, operating lights made in LED technology have the ability to attach only green LEDs, which allows you to perform endoscopic procedures (highest hemoglobin absorption occurs at a wavelength corresponding to the color green, so that the green light is not generated reflections which would hinder the interpretation of the endoscopic image).

We are recognized in Poland and abroad manufacturer of high quality medical equipment. Many years of operation of the company in the medical industry, the experience gained in connection with the use of modern technology guarantee the high quality of our products.

We are able to adapt to the individual needs of each client in terms of the equipment, which makes our products tailored to the needs of our customers.

We provide high quality products, professional service and professional advice - by the quality assurance system ISO 9001: 2008.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN GOOD LIGHT is our mission that we realize in order to fully meet the expectations of our customers.

CataloG medical lights

Светильник операционный Solis 160С
Медицинские светильники
22000 BYN
Тип крепления:
Количество куполов:
Уровень освещенности:
160000 люкс
Тип светильника:

Напряжение питания: 24V DC
Уровень освещенности на расстоянии 1 метр: 160 000 lx
Регулировка уровня освещенности: 25 ÷ 100%
Индекс цветопередачи: Ra 96
Цветовая температура: 4400 K
Диаметр операционного поля d10: 220 mm
Диаметр фокусировки d50: 110 mm
Регулировка диаметра операционного поля: да
Увеличение температуры возле головы доктора: < 1°C
Глубина освещения L1+L2: 70 cm
Потребляемая энергия: 50 W
Класс защиты: I
Класс защиты от пыли влаги: IP 43
Время работы от батареи модель SOLIS 160FA: дo 7 часов